Dolliver - surveying our world.
Dolliver Surveying Inc.
Ontario Land Surveyor & 
Ontario Land Information Professional

A biker's paradise.Since 1986 Dolliver Surveying Inc. has provided quality residential, commercial and industrial geo-spatial and planning support in the Province of Ontario.

We are proud of the high quality and variety of survey services offered our clients - both personal and professional.

Our goal is to provide prompt, personal service to all our clients. That is also our guarantee.

The following is a list of towns, etc., within our immediate operative area:

"What is the surveyors task? It is to measure the natural features of the earth and its waters, to scan the heavens, to locate and fix the boundaries of areas into which man has decided to divide this planet and to determine precise dimensions, directions and positions."

from MEN AND MERIDIANS by Don W. Thomson

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